A Swiss Army Knife for GoldMine  

GoldBox is an overflowing chest of high-quality tools for database technicians, a literal programming language designed specifically for GoldMine. From the beginning, its aim was to deliver not just one data management task, but an entire spectrum of processes, performed quickly and efficiently for your valuable CRM business data


Importing as simple as double-clicking any field in the Source List displays value. Ideal for coded/auto-generated field names (i.e. FLD0057) as guide to accurate mapping.

Map indicators at Source List now switchable with push-pin bar above list box. Source field now displays up to 3 indicators: default mapping, secondary field mapping, and usage in field replace expression.

Self-document Field Mapping Template. Every Target List entry for new and existing setups contains an editable 250-character "Comment" displayed along bottom. Perfect for describing user-defined fields, customized detail fields or any entry where field label is too brief to indicate actual usage.

GoldBox Views

Query-by-Entry now allows user to select or key in one or more fields used by the ORDER BY clause in SQL for sorting results.

Improved LookupDesc() function. If a GoldMine Lookup List is created for ORDER BY field selection, LookupDesc() returns a comma-separated value if user chooses more than one field. Ideal to display plain-language field descriptions atop a GoldBox Viewform Report.

ASCII / CSV Text File Converter:

This module now stays open after processing and can also be minimized. Perfect for a large number of repetitive conversions.