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With over 25 years of expertise in implementing CRM and IT Solutions, we are ready to assist you in implementing your successful business solution.

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GoldMine Products

No matter what your CRM needs - RTGroup, Inc. is here to assist you!

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IT Services

Complete managed services for your entire on-site IT requirements to "hosting" at our data center. Whater your needs are - RTGroup, Inc is here to assist you!


Connecting Customers for Life

RTGroup, Inc. is dedicated to assisting small-to medium-sized businesses with their CRM initiatives with top of the line products like GoldMine ,Quote Werks, other applications helping you provide the very best service to your customers.

Productivity tools and consulting services are offered by RTgroup, Inc. to help maximize your investment.

  • Industry Templates
  • Product sales quoting applications
  • Advanced data security
  • Website form development of automated lead importing into your GoldMine Database
  • Integration with GoldMine and your other applications

Simple Solutions to your CRM Objectives

RT Group Inc offers a simple to understand plan to meet your solution objectives.  This process includes:
  • CRM and quoting product selection
  • Customization of the CRM and quoting products specific to your companny's requirements
  • Migration of existing Data
  • Installation and configuration
  • Training for your Goldmine and quoting applicaitons (basic, advanced, and system adminstrator
  • Support services (Managed and/or hosting services)